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Experience These Tempe AZ Restaurants And Try Your Favorite Foods

Let’s head towards the state of Arizona and its many fine cities. We have looked at restaurants there in the past, but I am going to pick a new city for this round. Let’s go to Tempe AZ and its 763 restaurants according to Trip Advisor. Now, I’m going to bring you four of them. Play along with me, and pick the best one in your opinion out of the four. There are no right or wrong answers for this game because all four restaurants are top establishments in Tempe AZ.

This first one is actually the #1 ranked restaurant in Tempe currently. It is called Cornish Pasty Company, and it is located on West University Drive. Do you know anything about Cornish pastries? They have different types, including Shepherd’s Pie. Reviews also talk about the place having an English pub atmosphere...

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