Experience These Tempe AZ Restaurants And Try Your Favorite Foods

Let’s head towards the state of Arizona and its many fine cities. We have looked at restaurants there in the past, but I am going to pick a new city for this round. Let’s go to Tempe AZ and its 763 restaurants according to Trip Advisor. Now, I’m going to bring you four of them. Play along with me, and pick the best one in your opinion out of the four. There are no right or wrong answers for this game because all four restaurants are top establishments in Tempe AZ.

This first one is actually the #1 ranked restaurant in Tempe currently. It is called Cornish Pasty Company, and it is located on West University Drive. Do you know anything about Cornish pastries? They have different types, including Shepherd’s Pie. Reviews also talk about the place having an English pub atmosphere. Now let’s see what is next on the list.

Culinary Dropout is the next top place to grab a bite to eat. It is on South Farmer Avenue, and it looks like a rather big place, complete with cornhole boards set up on the inside. You are talking corn ravioli, ribs, deviled eggs, fried chicken and more. The place certainly appears rather unique, and you get the chance to play some games. It isn’t just cornhole that is setup but ping pong, too.

The third restaurant on the list in Tempe, Arizona is Top of the Rock Restaurant. Okay, I like the name already, don’t you? It is located on West Westcourt Way, and some of the menu highlights include steak, chicken, donuts and goat. I’m going to give myself away in this article already. All three of those restaurants sound great to try, but I’m just not as impressed as I usually am. The last place is said to have a great view though, and it would be my pick so far.

However, I am bringing you my choice out of the four right now. I’m going to pick a restaurant that to me stands above the other three. Oregano’s Pizza Bistro is the pick, and it is on North Scottsdale Road. One person talks about going there before visiting the Grand Canyon. So maybe that can signal you to eat some pizza and hit up one of the nation’s largest attractions at the same time. That would be my first choice anyway because I love me some pizza.